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Taking a Blog Break

Hi everyone! Hope you have enjoyed your Thanksgivings with loved ones! The holidays are my absolute favorite time of the year.

You may have noticed that I disappeared for the last week, and because of this, I have decided to stop blogging for the time being. As this is my senior year, the holiday season, and a huge time of change for me, for personal reasons, I think it is time that I sit back, relax, and focus on myself and living the best life I can. While I love  blogging, I believe this is the right decision for me at this time.

I do not have any idea when I will begin blogging again, so I will just be playing this by ear. If you still want to talk, feel free to contact me via Twitter or Email, and of course I will be Pinning away! Winking smile 

So this is a bittersweet post, and I honestly do not know what to say. I will miss blogging, but I am also excited to embrace all that life has to offer me.

Pinned Image

Talk to you all later… please don’t forget about Sweet and Savvy while I am gone! Smile 

WIAW…I Hate Writing… for School

I find it funny that I absolutely LOVE blogging, and writing posts, yet when it comes to writing essays for school….


As much as I would like to spent all night blogging, AP Lit and AP Gov are demanding my time this evening. This is unfortunate, because I really do not care too much about morally ambiguous characters in The Turn of the Screw, or the constitutionality of ObamaCare at the moment.

Okay, okay. I care about the government and our health care… but not enough to write a six to eight page paper on it.

I am too excited for this weekend, and too upset that it is ONLY Wednesday. More details on that later. Oh. Special treat for you in the form of a guest post this weekend from someone awesome.

There is one good thing about the fact that it is just Wednesday.

Thanks to Jenn, I’ll be sharing some of today’s eats!

imageThat’s a Greek yogurt bowl with cheesecake pudding mix, lots of cereal, chia seeds, umm.. I forget what else.
imageFranklin’s Veggie Burger + 2% American cheese

Salad beast! Veggies <3 yummm.

Okay. Enough procrastinating for this chick. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

Today’s Questions:

1) Am I alone in the fact that I HATE, and I mean abhor writing if I am forced to, but love it otherwise?

2) What are the worst books you have ever had to read for school?

3) Best eats as of late? 

The Thankful Challenge (WIAW)

Hallelujah for beautiful days!



Since yesterday was November 1st, I am going to try and challenge myself on the blog a little bit for the entire month.

Since Thanksgiving is coming up in a few weeks, I would like to post something I am thankful for with every post during the month of November.

I am hoping that this challenge will help me to even further appreciate the little things in life, and encourage others to do the same. There are so many overlooked blessings, and I would love for them to stop being overlooked! I am a true believer that those who focus on the good, positive things, are, by far, the happiest, and most content people. So what am I thankful for today?


2011-11-02 15.42.31 

“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.”
Morris West

So will you also take this challenge, and be thankful for one, specific thing every day throughout the month of November? Be thankful, and let the sun shine!


All this sunshine is sure making me happy! These are all welcome signs considering over the weekend, I saw scenes like this! Oh snow!


And now… onto WIAW a la Jenn!

I have been a bad blogger, and do not have photos of half of my day’s eats… but we are going with what I have! Smile 


Peas and Crayons




I have been out of protein powder, and my shipment came in last night. I was so excited, so I obviously had to start my day off with Super Chocolatey Protein Oats! (those portions x2 Smile )

Random Meals / Snacks of the last couple days


Sweet Potatoes, cottage cheese, green beans and almonds, fresh green beans and broccoli, spaghetti squash.. yum Smile 

Today’s Questions :

  1. What are YOU thankful for today?
  2. Will you participate in trying to be thankful every day this month? Would you post these things?
  3. What is the best thing you have eaten today/this week?

Of Interest

I do not know about you, but one of my favorite things to do on the weekend when I actually slow down is read up on random articles online. I also love browsing Pinterest, reading blogs, and looking up recipes, but they’re all related. I love surfing the Internet to relax. Most of the things I enjoy reading are related to health.


My weekend was filled with a lot of fun away from the “real world” that consists of deadlines and essay writing. My weekend was also spent away from the blog world. Luckily, that is where the wonderful Pamela stepped in with her awesome guest post! In between family time, an anniversary [three year] dinner date, some errands, a haunted house with a couple thirteen year olds, lots of baking, eating, and some quality time with Christopher, I did find some interesting things online.


Here are a few articles and things that stuck out…


Dr. Jambolis answers the question, “Does diet really make a difference in breast cancer?” Really interesting information that stresses the importance of eating healthy to prevent ALL types of cancer.

The Truth About Weight and Health

Good news! Just because someone may be lighter than you, this does NOT mean that he or she is healthier than you! This article explains that weight is not everything, and fluctuations are normal! Read the entire article from Shape here.

Pinned Image

This picture on Pinterest. Amazing. Please read the caption below.

Pinned Image

“This picture is from an article called “The Rescuing Hug”. The article details the first week of life of a set of twins. Each were in their respective incubators and one was not expected to live. A hospital nurse fought against the hospital rules and placed the babies in one incubator. When they were placed together, the healthier of the two, threw an arm over her sister in an endearing embrace. The smaller baby’s heart stabilized and temperature rose to normal.”

Do Not Fall For These Workout Mistakes

It does not help to work out on an empty stomach, and you cannot magically convert fat to muscle. Read more common mistakes and the reason behind them here.

Gluten Free Candy!

Are you avoiding gluten but still want to indulge a little this Halloween season? FitSugar lists the gluten free candies you can enjoy!

halloween candy

Food is REALLY addictive. It is scientifically proven and all.

The scientific qualifications for an addictive substance are:

1. Persistence of use despite problems related to the use of the substance
2. Compulsive and repetitive use
3. Craving
4. Withdrawal

Food meets all of these requirements the same as alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. This is one of the most interesting articles I have read in a long time. This definitely explains a large portion of my obsession with food the obesity epidemic in America.


I’m off to watch some more Halloweentown on Disney and hopefully get a work out in!

Today’s Questions:

1) What great internet articles have you found lately?

2) How did you spend your weekend?

3) Do you believe that food is addictive? Apartments for Rent

Happy Saturday guys! Hope the weekend is going well! Smile I have been pretty busy. I had a great time reading all of your input about whether or not you eat dairy from my last post! Feel free to drop by with your opinion still!

So, this morning I took the ACT’s. That was some fun stuff, let me tell you. It is one of the painful right of passages into becoming a college kid. How exciting.

Something that IS actually a more fun right of passage, is finding a place to live while in college. One of the great sites that shows apartments for rent all around the country is On this site, I can see my dreams coming true through every page! Smile also graciously offers up scholarship money to college age bloggers, like myself. This post is an entry for their blog scholarship!

I don’t know about you, but when I think of college housing, “luxury” is not the first word that comes to mind.

I think of small, cramped rooms, dirty floors, and sharing a bathroom with who knows how many girls. Some call this the college experience, but to me, I am a little wary.

One of the biggest things that worries me about going away to college is not having access to the kitchen amenities I have built my {mostly} healthy lifestyle around. After browsing around for some apartments on, I found an apartment that would offer me all of these conveniences and so much more.

The Lincoln Pointe apartments in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania would be the the apartment of my college dream.

First reason this apartment is the apartment of my dreams?

Um, look at it!


Obviously, I would love my college living experience to parallel that of luxurious, epicurean, amazing resort stay.

Another reason why has offered up an awesome apartment to rent? The Pittsburgh area is awesome for college age students like me!

There are various colleges offering a myriad of program types in the greater Pittsburgh area. Some that I would consider include:

  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Robert Morris University
  • Carlow College
  • Chatham College
  • Point Park University

At establishments of higher education such as these, a student can receive degrees in everything from the fine arts, to Biomedical Engineering. This vacancy website offers so many different living options for college students can make their dreams come true!

The location of the apartments at Lincoln Park are impeccable. The South Halls shopping mall is three minutes away. Three minutes! For a girl whose favorite type of cardio is shopping, this location could be nicknamed heaven.

This location also provides access to some AWESOME food options. Which for a food loving chick like me, that is really important.

So if you are needing to rent out a place for college, definitely head on over to to get the best out of your higher education experience!

Today’s Questions:

1) What was your college experience like?

2) Did/do you live in an apartment or dorm?

Do you do Dairy? [and a healthy Strawberry Shake!]

So I realize that the above question about dairy may spring about some serious controversy, but, personally, I love hearing about people’s contrasting points of view, whether I share them or not.


Before we get down to the dairy question, I have a pretty awesome smoothie recipe. It is actually what made me think of this little debate, seeing as this smoothie is basically loaded with dairy. Despite the cold this morning, it made one awesome breakfast.

Healthy Strawberry Protein Milkshake


  • 1 TBSP Chia Seeds
  • 1/4 Cup Water or Milk of Choice
  • 1/4 Cup Cottage Cheese (I use 2% fat, low sodium)
  • 1/4 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt
  • 1-2 TBSP Strawberry Cream Cheese (I used nonfat)
  • 3 frozen strawberries
  • roughly 3/4 cup ice, depending on desired thickness
  • toppings of choice


Let your chia seeds soak in the water for at least 15 minutes, then throw all ingredients in a blender, and enjoy! I topped mine with Attune’s Rice Twice cereal. Smile Yummm! It really tastes like a strawberry milkshake, but is really healthy and loaded with protein!


While I was eating this, I realized that basically every ingredient is a milk product. While I have always been a huge dairy person, I know a lot of people do not eat dairy for many discrepant reasons.

Lactose intolerance is an extremely prevalent condition that people have. I definitely do not have the strongest stomach in the world, and have had my fair share of GI issues, but dairy has never seemed to have been a problem for me, ironically.

My stomach issues do not seem to depend at all on how much dairy I eat, unless of course I eat ice cream every day for a few days straight… not that I would do such a thing. But something there is telling me that it may not be the dairy causing the stomach issues there.

Other people choose to avoid dairy for moral, ethical, and health related reasons. Here are some of the reasons that I have heard about:

  • animal cruelty
  • dairy contains cholesterol
  • dairy contains a substantial amount of fat
  • humans are the only animals who consume milk into their adult life
  • a few studies have shown too much dairy being linked to ovarian issues in women
  • milk is fortified with many of the vitamins it contains

Personally, I eat dairy products for the following reasons

  • I have grown up drinking milk, and eating cheese. It is part of my life.
  • Milk products are extremely high in protein, and relatively low in calories
  • calcium builds strong bones and teeth!
  • people who eat dairy are known to have low BMI’s (I realize, vegans do too)
  • it contains potassium, which helps your body in a lot of regulatory functions, such as handling sodium
  • milk has been attributed to reducing diabetes risks
  • I love yogurt, cheese, and ice cream!

Now the questions are for you!

1) Do you eat dairy? Why or why not?

2) What is your favorite dairy product?

3) If you do not eat dairy, what are your favorite substitutes?

I’d love to hear the imput!

It is a beautiful day!

Definitely one of the most gorgeous, amazing days I have seen in a long time. I enjoyed every second of it. J


Need I say more? These pictures speak for themselves.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! J What have you been into?

The C Word: College

Happy Friday everyone! J

This week has seemed to last forever, and I think this is due to the fact that I have been pretty busy and a little stressed at times.

Overall, it has not been a bad week, though; I am super excited that it is the weekend.

I’m looking forward to a marathon shopping trip with my Momma tomorrow. We are heading to a bigger mall with lots more options that is roughly two hours away tomorrow looking for me a homecoming outfit. We have literally dissected every possible store in a thirty mile radius of where I live with no luck!


This weekend, I also have some things to get done concerning school. These things definitely aren’t near as fun, but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do right? I have some studying, homework, and applications to work on. The fact that whenever my mom and I sit down to look at scholarship applications, etc., we just end up looking on Pinterest for an embarrassingly long time. ;) This brings me to realize that it is kind of weird that I have barely mentioned a subject that I spend so much time thinking about, obsessing about, worrying over, and trying to making decisions about.

I apologize if this post is a little too heavy for a Friday evening, but it is something that I think I will feel better if I write about and post. I realize that the majority of you reading this have been through this and may think that some of my thoughts and worries are a bit naïve and puerile, or that I am worrying too much, but hey, that is what I’m supposed to be like, right? ;)

Attending college is something that is extremely, extremely important to me. Both my parents are first generation college graduates, so their success is inspiring, and I strive to exceed their hopes and dreams for me. Because college is so important to me, this leads me to worry about it. I worry about it a lot. I feel like there are so many options presented to me, that I feel like I have lost control, even though I am the only one who actually has control of my future.

I received some really good advice from a friend who is a year older than me. This is what the advice was –

“In the end, the people who love you want what is best for you and they want you to be happy, so pick what makes you happy. Put some thought about them into the decision, but make sure that you center this decision around you. As selfish as it sounds, it is true. College means the start of your individual life, and it will build you into the person you become as an adult.”

This was one of the best pieces of advice I have received. I think that it is so true. I only have one problem with it.

I do not know how to be unselfish, and decide what I really want, because I have such a strong desire to make other people happy, and I want the people I love to remain a large part of my life.

There is a university that I am extremely likely to attend next year. It is within short driving distance of my home and is in my state. I have been a part of this university since before I could walk. I have followed this college’s sports teams. I have visited many times and own a wardrobe full of its colors. I will likely qualify for scholarships at this school that, paired with in state tuition, will cover the majority of my college expenses.

I want to go to this university, but in the back of my mind, I keep wondering if I should explore something else. If I should take a shot in the dark, and try to move a fair distance away from my home, and go for a completely new experience, leaving everything I know behind me. I am applying to a “far reach” university. This school is an Ivy, and has an extremely low acceptance rate, and very high prices. It is unrealistic to assume that I would get in with enough financial aid, and I know this. If a miracle happens and I would somehow receive a full ride to attend this university, I would be thrilled, and extremely excited to be presented with such an opportunity. On the other hand, this thought scares me. What if an out of state, far away school does offer me everything I am looking for?

The thought of moving away scares me to death, but it is also an invigorating thought. I would be in a completely new place, surrounded by new people. I could be whoever I wanted to be. I could reinvent myself.

Wait a second, do I need to reinvent myself? Who would I become if I did? The worries in the back of my head continue to multiply…

It would be so fun to move away, especially to a more metropolitan area. It would be an honor to be accepted by a more “prestigious” university. But is this what I want? Deciphering what I want is the hardest thing I have been faced with. I then worry about what happens when I do get to college. Will relationships I have built now fizzle away? Will I be as close with my family? Will I be able to stay true to my morals? Will I gain the freshman 15 and forget all about my interest in all this nutrition stuff and become unhealthy and lazy? Will I be able to keep close to perfect grades? What if I don’t understand my classes?

And deciding what I want to do with my life and what I study in college? Now that is a whole other post entirely…

Things I’m Loving Thursday : numero dos

Hi there! :)

It is Thursday, and on this day last week, I posted about Things I’m Loving Thursday. I really like this post idea that I have seen around the blog o sphere a few times [Brittany comes to mind :) ], so I am going to continue with  some more things I am loving right now!

1. Chocolatey Protein Oats


warm chocolatey goodness that is extremely filling first thing in the morning? No explanation needed.

2. Getting my last wears out of my favorite summer fashion pieces


This is just one example. I have worn this lace cardigan ish tank top thing at least a million times this summer! Best part is that I grabbed it for less than $10 at Marshall’s last spring!

3. Mexican Food


I am on such a Mexican food kick lately.



I love all things Mexican food related. Pictures above are of my fajitas from this evening’s dinner. :) I am loving peppers, cumin, chili powder, salsa, black beans, and oh, did I mention salsa? Salsa of all kinds. Mango Salsa. Pineapple Salsa. Classic Salsa. Salsa snagged from my brother’s take out from a local authentic Mexican place.
4. Sweet Potatoes


I already shared my recipe of how I enjoy my sweet potatoes earlier this week. I cannot get enough of them.

5. Iced Vanilla Chai Tea

Bigelow is my favorite!

6. “Beginning of Fall” trees


SO beautiful! Love this time of year! :)

Those are a few things I’m loving this Thursday! Now I am off to teach myself some Calculus, work on some other homework, and study for the SAT’s. :P

Today’s Questions:

1) Any exciting plans for this weekend?

2) What are you LOVING this Thursday? :)

3) Do you get the pretty autumn views where you live with the changing of leaves?

What is Beauty?

Good Morning everyone!

It is a beautiful Sunday morning, and speaking of beautiful, I wrote a post on the age old, controversial question.

What is Beauty?

I wrote this as a guest post for Kathleen, over at Kat’s Health Corner. If you have not checked out her blog, you definitely need to!

So please head on over, check out my first guest post, and weigh in on what truly defines beauty. J

Have you read or written any guest posts lately? Feel free to link up! J

My Sunday will be spent doing some shopping with my mother, and working on a good amount of homework, and somehow, I am okay with this.

Have a great Sunday! Don’t forget to check out my post for the day at Kat’s Health Corner!


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