WIAW…I Hate Writing… for School

I find it funny that I absolutely LOVE blogging, and writing posts, yet when it comes to writing essays for school….


As much as I would like to spent all night blogging, AP Lit and AP Gov are demanding my time this evening. This is unfortunate, because I really do not care too much about morally ambiguous characters in The Turn of the Screw, or the constitutionality of ObamaCare at the moment.

Okay, okay. I care about the government and our health care… but not enough to write a six to eight page paper on it.

I am too excited for this weekend, and too upset that it is ONLY Wednesday. More details on that later. Oh. Special treat for you in the form of a guest post this weekend from someone awesome.

There is one good thing about the fact that it is just Wednesday.

Thanks to Jenn, I’ll be sharing some of today’s eats!

imageThat’s a Greek yogurt bowl with cheesecake pudding mix, lots of cereal, chia seeds, umm.. I forget what else.
imageFranklin’s Veggie Burger + 2% American cheese

Salad beast! Veggies <3 yummm.

Okay. Enough procrastinating for this chick. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

Today’s Questions:

1) Am I alone in the fact that I HATE, and I mean abhor writing if I am forced to, but love it otherwise?

2) What are the worst books you have ever had to read for school?

3) Best eats as of late? 

About Sweet and Savvy

My name is Savannah and I am a teenage girl and a complete optimist with passions for learning, helping people, nutrition and enjoying every minute of life to its fullest!

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  1. Best eats as of late? I just CANNOT get enough Mexican food.. Seriously, I’m addicted. I love that you added pudding mix to your Greek Yogurt – I need to try that.

  2. I love adding pudding to Greek yogurt too! My favorite is cheesecake or butterscotch
    Good luck on your paper, you will feel better once its done :)

  3. When I was in Uni I used to love writing papers but I hated studying. Writing involved some form of creativity and kept me interested while studying book and highlighter style was a total bore.

  4. The worst book I’ve read in school that I remember would be Edgar Allen Poe’s work. He’s a great writer and all but it’s just so depressing. I haaaate so much negativity. Can’t wait for Shannon’s guest post! :)

  5. I HATE to wrte when I’m forced to, too! Especially ugly college papers (I do school online at home). UGH! We really have lots in common!
    And the worst books I have read for school? Okay, it’s probably the one I am reading now for political science. It is VERY pro-Marxist, and I will say that I am a conservative (haha, Catholic, pro-life conservative). It’s hard to struggle through reading something you do not believe in.
    And the best eats I have had so far are Dr. Praeger Veggie burgers from Trader Joes!!! Costco has a bigger kind (I eat those for dinner) but TJ’s has a more modestly sized one for lunch. Yum yum! Do you have a Trader Joes around your area??? They have the best foods hands down! Another food I’ve been eating alot of is root veggies (yams and squashes. Oooo, I have a love afair with these foods) and I’ve been adding more “heft” in the sallads (it’s the bear in me getting ready to store food for winter!). I don’t really feel like eating starchy foods like pasta or rice as of late…. more “natural” comfort foods. But Vegan desserts are also something I’ve been eating alot of, too (Yay, for Chocolate Covered Kate and Char’s Stars!!!).
    Yeah, those are the best eats as of, like, the past week. :-) But hey, I am a happy healthy grazing horse! Haha!

    • It is really tough to read something you don’t believe in! Ugh on the Marxism! Sounds miserable! haha

      and unfortunately.. I have no TJ’s around me:( I really wish I did! I Love root veggies too! They’re so much tastier than starchy stuff!

  6. Being in a double major – History and Creative Writing…I do alot of writing….a LOT. Haha you get used to it I guess! Happy WIAW :)

  7. Totally agree with you about writing for school! It just gets so boring and I end up procrastinating! Books that I’ve never liked reading for school are poetry collections and Shakespeare… I’m probably alone in this! :-)

  8. I feel ya!! Writing can be such a pleasure and a great outlet for creativity and stress… but not when I’m forced! Most of the time when I’m forced to write I end up writing total BS, but when I get to write and WANT to write I actually write what I think!

    The salad beast looks so gooood! My best eat was a dark chocolate sea salt caramel. It doesn’t get better than that!

  9. Cheesecake Pudding Mix?! IS that for realz?! :D

    I find, just like you, that some things are easier if I CHOOSE to do them instead of being FORCED to do them. But then, there are just days I have to sit down and get it done.

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