Staying Healthy in College by the Spoonful of PB

I have a special treat for you guys today! J I have been super busy with the whole life thing the past few days, so luckily, Brittany from a Spoonful of Peanut Butter has stepped up to fill my void.

Her post is one of my personal favorite posts I have read in a longgg time, so I hope you enjoy!

Also, I have a guest post about tips and my experience going gluten free on Kalie’s blog that you should definitely check out! 

Later guys, I’ll hopefully be back tomorrow! J THANK YOU SO MUCH, amazing Brittany!

Hey Sweet and Savvy readers! While Savannah is out doin her thang, I’m here to take over for her.

Well I guess I should properly introduce myself before I scare you all away with my ninja skills and obsession with nut butters and fruit.

I’m Brittany, and I blog over at A Spoonful of Peanut Butter.

Over at SPB, I like to keep it light and funny. I blog about total randomness, food (because who doesn’t like food?!), working out (I absolutely love working out. If I had the energy and time to work out all day, I would) and funny tid bits that waste your time. ;) Life is too short to be serious all the time, and I like to laugh. In fact…I may laugh too much. But hey! Laughter is the best medicine right?? ;)

So while I’m taking Savannahs blog hostage for the day, I figured I’d give you a glimpse into the life of a college student.

  • Your busy… 24/7

Even when you’re sleeping you’ll be planning and thinking about everything you have to do. Quizzes, tests, projects, homework. You’ll feel like you’re going nuts…and I’m here to tell you that you are going nuts. No need to be ashamed…we’re all a little nuts anyways. Anyone who denies being crazy is in denial. Remember, the first step to recovery is admitting it. :P


  • Did you have a life before this? Because you’ll soon forget what it’s like to be bored!

You’ll miss the days when all you did was laze around on the couch, blogging, eating, and watching tv. Then when you make a plan to absolutely do nothing…you’re too exhausted and just end up sleeping the day away.


  • You eat on the go


There is no sitting down to eat meals anymore. For me, there isn’t a whole lot of time to put effort into every meal I eat, therefore I prepare foods on the weekend so I can grab and go during the week. Things I tend to keep on hand are bananas, apples, shredded chicken (on the weekends I put a bunch of frozen chicken breasts in the crock pot, cover them with low sodium chicken broth and let it cook for 6 hours or until they’re done. Then I shred up that chicken and during the week I can add that to vegetables, salads, and I can put different dressings on it to change it up so it’s not JUST chicken.)

An amazing recipe I will now forever make on the weekends is Pumpkin Protein Bars! They can be found on Jamie Eason’s bodybuilding site, but the recipe I actually use is from my blogging bff, Alex. The only thing I do differently is use oat flour, cottage cheese instead of yogurt, and I also added in a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice which makes them FREAKING AMAZING. Pop ‘em in the oven for 30 minutes and your house will smell like pumpkin bread and you MUST MUST MUST put some form of nut butter on top of a warm muffin and eat it that way. You’re committing a crime if you don’t.

Getting into college, you learn to plan ahead and always have easy foods that you can eat that aren’t messy to eat! Another good recipe is my Peanut Butter Bars! Check them out if you’re a peanut butter addict like myself :D

-During college…you meet a lot of different people

There will be a lot of people on campus. They stare at you, they gawk, then there are the guys who follow you out of the bathroom, up the stairs and try to start a conversation with you (about the weather of all things!) despite the fact that you’re walking really fast because you hear them following you. (This has happened to me…weirdest thing ever!)

Be prepared…. Remember, I warned you.



With all of this being said…being a college student is awesome! It’s a time when you finally get to study what YOU WANT to study. You don’t have to take all these stupid classes (well you do but the classes in college are a lot more interesting). I’m in the graphic design program at school and I LOVE it. I’m a total nerd and get excited to go to class because I’m doing something I enjoy. Having Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator classes is the neatest thing ever!

This is a random post, but I like being random. You keep things interesting…and you never know what to expect next! ;)

That’s it for today guys! I hope you enjoyed my guest post, and hopefully I see you over at my corner of the blogsphere!

Questions for you:

-Are you a college student?

-What program are you in?

-Favorite food to eat on the go?

Thanks again Savannah for asking me to guest post for you! <3

About Sweet and Savvy

My name is Savannah and I am a teenage girl and a complete optimist with passions for learning, helping people, nutrition and enjoying every minute of life to its fullest!

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  1. Oh Britt, these are all so true. I eat over my textbooks probably 6 days out of the week. Even at breakfast. It’s rather depressing. Haha but college is wonderful, I can’t believe I’m a junior. It makes me feel so old! :) gone are the days of tv watching after school. I don’t even have time to follow one show this semester! Gasp!!!

  2. Thanks again Savannah for letting me do a guest post!! <3
    Have a great day!

  3. Great guest post and great tips!! :)

  4. love the guest post brittany!

    being in college is a lot of work. especially right now for me because I’m a senior (def getting senioritis) lol and just a whole lot of work and professors expect so much out of you and preparing for grad school, etc., it’s a lot of work! I’m constantly bringing snacks with me to class liek clif bars, chobani, fruit, and nuts! Even though I’m super busy, I make sure to do my best with eating clean and working out, which I feel helps with my academics a lot!

  5. YAYYY i love brittany!!!!!!
    best thing to eat on the go for me is…
    a smoothie in a to go cup, banana+nut butter, or of course a granola bar!!

  6. Great post with some awesome tips! I am a college senior and eating healthy (and fast and cheap) has been one of my biggest challenges as well! I have a few tips on my blog as well if you want to check them out :)

  7. I love Brittany!!! Ahhh this girl is hilar. Love the pictures. These tips are great! I have been dying to try Alexandra’s peanut butter bars, so I’m glad you approve of them :)

  8. Pretty sure she explaineed why I quit college in this post! *hangs head and goes back to having fun on my vacation completely forgetting about life*

  9. Loooooove spoonful of PB. So awesome! Great guest post!

  10. Go Brittany! Always have great pics to accompany your blog posts :)

  11. Man oh man- I feel so loved :P

  12. I completely agree. I am a non-traditional student and I am finally able to study things that are actually interesting to me. I am in the military so I got a late start on college life. I did the community college thang prior to joining and received a general associate’s degree, however, I studied mainly gen. eds with a few fun-for-me classes – otherwise it was pretty lamo. Now that I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree I can finally be picky about my classes and my grades are going up! I attribute this to the fact that I actually take interest in the studies!

    Great guest post — and I love random, too- it is the story of my life! :)

  13. I love these tips Brittany. Thanks! :)

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