I am exhausted!

I have not yet recovered from my crazy weekend, and the fact that I left my house at seven am this morning and did not return until after seven pm is not helping.

I spent today visiting some departments at a university. I had an amazing and worthwhile time! I am about 95% sure that I am attending this college, so it was awesome to get to meet with individuals in fields that I am interested in as well as see some of the facilities.

I found the Pharmacy, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering programs to be extremely intriguing. I am completely undecided on an eventual career path, so I am looking at a lot of different options allowing me a lot of versatility. I am also kind of freaking out about the whole college thing in general, but today made me feel better.

Anywayyys. I’ve been mentioning my past weekend a lot, but have not actually said much about it.


  • School and class
  • Getting all prettied up
  • Homecoming parade
  • Homecoming game
  • Studying


  • SAT testing bright and early. L
  • Hair Appointment
  • Getting Ready / Pictures
  • Dinner
  • Arriving Early at school
  • Homecoming Dance
  • Homecoming Dance ROUND TWO
  • After party

So below, I will share some pictures! J

Parade and Football game coronation!

Pre Dance with Christopher!! <3

At dance coronation…

My lovely cousin Shawna was at my second homecoming of the night! Yay!

Overall… Amazing night!! J Oh, and for some throwbacks, Christopher and I have come a pretty long way, wouldn’t you say? ;)

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About Sweet and Savvy

My name is Savannah and I am a teenage girl and a complete optimist with passions for learning, helping people, nutrition and enjoying every minute of life to its fullest!

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  1. You look BEAUTIFUL!! I hope you had an amazing weekend :) You guys are so cute! This post made me super excited for my homecoming.

    Hopefully you can catch up on rest sometime soon!

  2. you look stunning! looks like a great weekend overall :)

  3. Wow, beautiful photos!! You look like a princess :) And You look sooo classy in that tan outfit and on top of the car!! Very movie-like

  4. What a cute outfit for your parade! You look like you had a blast at your homecoming, and I love your dress!

  5. Glad you had a good time looking at the college! Aww, you look so beautiful! I love your dress!!! :)

  6. What a shame it rained! You look stunning though, in the dresses and at the game – love those boots :-)

  7. Glad you had a great time. You look so pretty!!

  8. Look at you! Driving up in that spiffy car ;) You look like royalty haha

    Wow that throwback picture is TOO much! You have definitely grown into your own skin quite nicely :)

  9. What pretty pictures!! :) You are so pretty! I love the outfit you wore with the hat– so cute.
    & that is SUPER exciting about finding a college!!!!!

  10. You look beautiful! I love the blue of your dress. I also am in love with your boots. Where di you get them?

    Getting excited about college is the best! I studied chemical engineering in school and while there are a lot of exciting career choices, I would definitely do your homework before signing up because it is very time consuming and sometimes I felt like I was missing out on “college” life.

  11. Ah you look so beautiful! I love the picture from your first homecoming.. so cute!

  12. Oh my goodness you look so so beautiful!! Love that dress and just… everything about this post :)

  13. What a manic weekend! You look so gorgeous, I love the photos whn you’re pinning the flower on him haha. You have both BLOSSOMED as a couple an have gone from cute to grown up, it all looks like soo much fun girly!

  14. kaliesthoughts

    You look gorgeous girl! P.s. is your phone working yet?

  15. good golly girl- you look GORGEOUS! Absolutely stunning. You and your date were so cute together!! Those dresses are really cute too! I’ve always loved blue dresses (all of my dresses to each dance in high school ended up having some sort of blue on them. haha ;) )

  16. Awww you look lovely! Beautiful shade of blue. You two are so cute!

  17. Dear Savannah,
    Can I be you?
    Love Tara.

    Seriously though. You are gorgeous! Homecoming is sort of sketchy here… aka no one goes unless they are really desperate. Yours looks like a blast!!

  18. You’re so cute! Love the rain jacket : )

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