The C Word: College

Happy Friday everyone! J

This week has seemed to last forever, and I think this is due to the fact that I have been pretty busy and a little stressed at times.

Overall, it has not been a bad week, though; I am super excited that it is the weekend.

I’m looking forward to a marathon shopping trip with my Momma tomorrow. We are heading to a bigger mall with lots more options that is roughly two hours away tomorrow looking for me a homecoming outfit. We have literally dissected every possible store in a thirty mile radius of where I live with no luck!


This weekend, I also have some things to get done concerning school. These things definitely aren’t near as fun, but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do right? I have some studying, homework, and applications to work on. The fact that whenever my mom and I sit down to look at scholarship applications, etc., we just end up looking on Pinterest for an embarrassingly long time. ;) This brings me to realize that it is kind of weird that I have barely mentioned a subject that I spend so much time thinking about, obsessing about, worrying over, and trying to making decisions about.

I apologize if this post is a little too heavy for a Friday evening, but it is something that I think I will feel better if I write about and post. I realize that the majority of you reading this have been through this and may think that some of my thoughts and worries are a bit naïve and puerile, or that I am worrying too much, but hey, that is what I’m supposed to be like, right? ;)

Attending college is something that is extremely, extremely important to me. Both my parents are first generation college graduates, so their success is inspiring, and I strive to exceed their hopes and dreams for me. Because college is so important to me, this leads me to worry about it. I worry about it a lot. I feel like there are so many options presented to me, that I feel like I have lost control, even though I am the only one who actually has control of my future.

I received some really good advice from a friend who is a year older than me. This is what the advice was –

“In the end, the people who love you want what is best for you and they want you to be happy, so pick what makes you happy. Put some thought about them into the decision, but make sure that you center this decision around you. As selfish as it sounds, it is true. College means the start of your individual life, and it will build you into the person you become as an adult.”

This was one of the best pieces of advice I have received. I think that it is so true. I only have one problem with it.

I do not know how to be unselfish, and decide what I really want, because I have such a strong desire to make other people happy, and I want the people I love to remain a large part of my life.

There is a university that I am extremely likely to attend next year. It is within short driving distance of my home and is in my state. I have been a part of this university since before I could walk. I have followed this college’s sports teams. I have visited many times and own a wardrobe full of its colors. I will likely qualify for scholarships at this school that, paired with in state tuition, will cover the majority of my college expenses.

I want to go to this university, but in the back of my mind, I keep wondering if I should explore something else. If I should take a shot in the dark, and try to move a fair distance away from my home, and go for a completely new experience, leaving everything I know behind me. I am applying to a “far reach” university. This school is an Ivy, and has an extremely low acceptance rate, and very high prices. It is unrealistic to assume that I would get in with enough financial aid, and I know this. If a miracle happens and I would somehow receive a full ride to attend this university, I would be thrilled, and extremely excited to be presented with such an opportunity. On the other hand, this thought scares me. What if an out of state, far away school does offer me everything I am looking for?

The thought of moving away scares me to death, but it is also an invigorating thought. I would be in a completely new place, surrounded by new people. I could be whoever I wanted to be. I could reinvent myself.

Wait a second, do I need to reinvent myself? Who would I become if I did? The worries in the back of my head continue to multiply…

It would be so fun to move away, especially to a more metropolitan area. It would be an honor to be accepted by a more “prestigious” university. But is this what I want? Deciphering what I want is the hardest thing I have been faced with. I then worry about what happens when I do get to college. Will relationships I have built now fizzle away? Will I be as close with my family? Will I be able to stay true to my morals? Will I gain the freshman 15 and forget all about my interest in all this nutrition stuff and become unhealthy and lazy? Will I be able to keep close to perfect grades? What if I don’t understand my classes?

And deciding what I want to do with my life and what I study in college? Now that is a whole other post entirely…

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My name is Savannah and I am a teenage girl and a complete optimist with passions for learning, helping people, nutrition and enjoying every minute of life to its fullest!

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  1. I hope everything works out for you! Your an amazing person! Beautiful inside and out! :) Have an awesome weekend!

  2. Oooh! I love a good shopping trip! Have fun :)

  3. No matter where you end up, you will LOVE college! It’s a hundred times better than high school. You’re right, everyone has to make the decision for themselves but this is my experience:
    I went to Canada! Long story short, I have dual citizenship so I went to a school that was about 600 miles (12 hours give or take) away from home. It was scary at first because I didn’t know a single person but within the few couple weeks I had made so many friends.

    There are lots of things to do, especially on the weekends (that don’t all involve drinking), lots of clubs to join and just so many more opportunities and experiences. Good luck!

  4. i am definitely freaking out about college – it was nice to read this post, haha! my whole life i’ve thought that i wanted to go to a school that’s about 2 hours away from where i live right now, but it’s actually a bit below my academic level and although i love the campus i can’t help but wonder if i should take a big leap of faith and go somewhere out of california. i’m applying to a few, so we’ll see – but i’m still stressing about everything college-related.

    hope you have an awesome weekend! (:

  5. Which college to go to is a big decision, but once you make your choice do not second guess yourself.

  6. I say you should definitely apply at the very least. You don’t have to decide to go there, even if they offer you a full ride. But you’ll never know what could’ve been if you don’t try, ya know? I’m applying to at least 10 different schools all over the country. Actually, none of them are within 6 hours driving distance of me. The thought of moving away is scary, but for me it’s something I just have to do. I sort of learned it when I was in therapy – taking my challenges head on to overcome my fears. back then it was eating a snickers bar, now it’s being independent. Best of luck with this! I’m curious as to what school you’re applying to, but I understand not sharing for privacy reasons and what not!

  7. My freshman year of college I moved from California to Hawaii. Totally and completely different and sooooooo far away. It was scary and strange but I would not change that decision for the world. I ended up moving back to California (planning on moving to Arizona in a few months), but I definitely made the right decision for myself to move away. It was amazing to be on my own in a completely new place with no one to fall back on.

  8. College is an amazing and life altering experience. It’s your first opportunity to do something completely different and outside your normal realm. That being said, a LOT of decisions come with it and I remember being in your shoes four years ago too. I was hesitant to move away, but once you do you grow in ways you never thought possible. I sometimes think ‘what if I had went to a big university’ as opposed to a small school and realize what a mistake it was and I was glad I listened to my heart. I went to a college far enough away to be indepedent, but less than an hour away from family.

    Best of luck with your decision. It’s a confusing and hard place, but once you get settled you realize it was meant to be. Don’t worry, you’ll do great! Just take a deep breath and enjoy :)

  9. Savannah, I never fail to marvel at your reflective approach to life. Well done for thinking so deeply about this now!! I wish I had done at your age. I made choices – to study music at a prestigious institution – but found my first stab at college hard: I think I was just not ready. I went back to study later and was really happy, and I excelled, achieving distinction. We’re all ready at different times. But I love to take risks and experience new things. Rule of thumb for me? If I feel, in the pit of my stomach, that I don’t want to take a certain course of action, then I don’t. It’s a different feeling to excited anticipation: deep down unease. I used to brace myself and do stuff anyway, despite the feeling, but I’ve recognised over half a life that it is a sign. I listen to my unconscious thoughts, and the effect they have on my physical self, carefully, these days.

  10. This is my first semester at college. It’s been a growing experience so far to say the least. There are times when it’s amazing, times when it’s stressful, times when you aren’t sure if you’re doing the right thing….but I am so thankful to be where I’m at and I know it will all be worth it and it’s making me such a strong person because of it! Good luck with your decisions girl, I know you will be great at whatever you decide! <3

  11. My advice would be to listen to your heart. My parents wanted me to commute to a close by college. It was a wonderful university and I got an amazing scholarship. But there was this part of me who wanted a different experience. I began secretly applying to colleges and got into a great school. It was only about an hour farther so my parents eventually came around. I got the amazing away from home college experience but was still close enough that I could visit home whenever I wanted.

  12. This sounded like how I felt 24/7 the summer before my senior year. Savannah- you’re an amazing girl, very bright and smart. I know you’ll make the best decision…just make sure that the decision you make is best for YOU.
    College is an amazing experience. I’m only a month in (depsite the fact that I took classes at the college I attend during my senior year) but I LOVE it. 100x better than high school hands down. But, I remember thinking about what you’re thinking about. Its scary to think about how many decisions you have to make, it might feel like you’re choking sometimes because its a lot to take in! All I can say is that when you decide what you want to do in college and where you want to go, you HAVE to be selfish. You have to think about what’s best for you. Make sure you think through everything. Do you get homesick easily? If you do, I wouldn’t recommend going too far away from home.
    think everything through, but I’m sure you’ll be just fine.

  13. Apply to that Ivy! All the Ivies and a lot of top liberal arts colleges meet all of your FAFSA based need with grants, so it could be cheaper than the state college. Do a little research and see what you would pay! Lots of my friends here pay less than a state uni because we have great aid!

  14. I’m a senior in high school this year too, and weighing my college options. I’m stuck in a difficult choice between going to culinary school or going to a university down the road. I really want to go to culinary school but the one I want to go to is really far away and I don’t want to leave my mom, friends, and especially my boyfriend. I know if I were to go to the University I would pursue a stable career but it wouldn’t be something I’m really passionate about. It’s the “easy way out.” But deep down in my heart I really want to go to culinary school. Another problem is my parents would be disappointed if I chose not to get a college degree and don’t want me going to a “trade school.” Best of luck to you and your decisions though! <3

  15. I think that no matter where you choose to go, there will probably be pros and cons. I would say to go with your gut feeling and pick one based on what is important to you! College is fun regardless of where you’re at!

  16. During my senior year of high school I chose a college based on what I felt that I ought to do rather than what I truly wanted. During my first week at this school, I just knew that it didn’t feel right for me, so I withdrew from the school and came home. College was not an option for me – I knew that I wanted to receive my Bachelor’s degree, but this wasn’t the right place. So, I took courses at a community college, worked full-time, and explored more options. After that one year, I transfered to a school that I LOVED. I jsut graduated in May and started grad school right after. I think the advice you received is spot-on. The people that care about you and love you want you to be happy and do what’s right for you. Even though it was hard to leave the school I felt people expected me to be at, I later learned that my friends and family would support me in whatever path I felt was right. Can’t wait to follow your college journey through your blog :)

  17. I just got around to reading this post after my busy weekend at home, and I’m glad that I did!

    I know this probably doesn’t help in the least, but just follow your heart! The second you start over-thinking things is the second that you over-analyze the reason you wanted to go to a certain school in the first place. I ended up going to a “safe” school only 4 hours away from my home and it worked out perfectly for me, but I have many friends that wanted to get out of the state no matter what. You just need to weigh out your priorities and what truly matters to you. Family? Being close to home? Getting the “college experience”? It’s all in your hands.

    However, don’t worry too much. You can ALWAYS transfer :D

  18. I’ve been having some of the same thoughts about college. I’ve narrowed my choices down to just a couple, as both of these schools have what I want: Either Chemistry with Nutrition/Fitness Minor, or Biochemistry and probably a Math Minor. But it is still so hard to decide!

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