WIAW and my Salad Search

Happy Wednesday everyone! :) Yayy it’s the middle of the week and it feels like a Tuesday! Sounds like a good deal to me!

Today is exciting because: 1) It’s time for another What I Ate Wednesday sponsored by the wonderful Peas and Crayons! 2) It did not rain all day and the sun even shone a bit!


This is especially exciting after yesterday’s weather, and my ardent love for the sun.

Since it is What I Ate Wednesday, let’s start off with some breakfast eats!


My morning started off with some Chocolately Protein Overnight Oats, reheated with a little extra water for about two minutes. These tasted sooooo good this morning! Totally hit the spot! :)

Now lunch, oh lunch. Of course you could not be as simple and delicious as breakfast. Lunch was not anywhere in the vicinity of as convenient as breakfast. It required a lot more work than opening fridge door, and placing in microwave for two minutes. It was more of about a 40 minute Salad search adventure across town, due to the fact that I forgot lunch, again.

First off, I decided McDonald’s would be a good place to stop, because I can always go for an iced coffee, and though I hate fast food, their Southwest Salad is not bad in a pinch. I get to McDonald’s and guess what. They weren’t serving salads yet. Boo. At least I still got one of these.


Luckily, or so I thought, there’s a Burger King down the street, so I looked up their menu and found that they had a grilled chicken salad I could settle for, and I drove down to Burger King and ordered a salad. Well they weren’t selling salads yet either. Another fail. To top off this Burger King trip? I was the only one in the restaurant aside from a few old timers drinking their coffee and shouting about politics. The guy that took my order (or lack thereof) was a little on the creepy side. He kept asking me how my day was going and tried to start up a conversation. Here’s how it went.

BK : “So, girl, what’s your name.”

Savannah: “Um, Savannah.” [in a very quick and uninterested tone]

BK : “Cool name. I’m [insert name that I've already forgotten]. Our Coke machine broke today.”

Savannah: “Well that doesn’t sound good.”

BK : “Nah, but I don’t like Coke anyhow. I think we need to bring in a Pepsi truck to refill this baby. You like Pepsi better than Coke.”

Savannah : “No. [Starts walking to the door] Have a good day! [my tone did not imply that I wanted him to have a nice day.]

BK : Awl alrighty. I see. Not everyone likes Pepsi. Good talkin’ to you! I’ll catch you sometime later!”

First of all, no, you’re not going to catch me later. Second of all, what kind of pick up line asks if the girl likes Pepsi better than Coke??? Burger King was the biggest fail of the salad search.

So, after exploring my lunch options, I figured Subway would be a safe bet for a simple salad.

It normally is, on days that they ARE NOT OUT OF LETTUCE! Seriously, Subway? Out of lettuce? I really need to start remembering my lunch. Thankfully, though, I found that the coffee shop did sell a few small refrigerated meals, and I was able to find a decent Grilled Chicken Salad there.

I just snacked on a yogurt, and some apples with my cinnamon. ;) I haven’t eaten or even thought about dinner for tonight yet, so I’ll share some evening eats from the past few days below!


I have not wanted big dinners much lately, so I have resorted to this meal a few too many times, and have enjoyed it WAY too much.
Eggs cooked in a teacup in the microwave. Easiest/best way to cook eggs ever. Oh, and I like eating them with Paul Newman’s Pineapple Salsa all over them. Sorry, even with my amateur photography skills, I’m pretty sure there is NO way to make microwaved eggs in a cup look appetizing.


On the side are some sugar snap peas and cinnamon baked sweet potato fries. Sooo good! Before eating, I was playing around with a new camera app on my phone. What do you guys think of pop art version of dinners? I’m liking it. ;)


Other snacks have included Brown Rice Puffs cereal, fruit, parts of a gluten free brownie from the farmers market, and maybe my body weight in Angela’s at Oh She Glows snickerdoodles. :)

Questions for the day:

1) What are your favorite things to eat when forced to eat out, on the run?

2) Have you ever heard any really bad pick up lines, like ones about soda pop preferences, from people in public?

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About Sweet and Savvy

My name is Savannah and I am a teenage girl and a complete optimist with passions for learning, helping people, nutrition and enjoying every minute of life to its fullest!

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  1. Hahaha, what an awkward conversation! I would probably back away creepily.

    That sucks about your salad search! My Subway is ALWAYS out of spinach! So frustrating

  2. I wouldn’t use it but… there’s the one where you go up to a really fit bloke standing with a really average mate and say to the mate: “do you want to dance?” If he says yes, you say: “Go on then because I want to chat up your friend”….!
    I love your pop art dinners :-)

  3. Uhm I’m pretty bad. If I have to eat out I usually get one of two things. Either pintos and cheese + a soft taco from Taco Bell or a protein style burger and fries from In n Out. I like Taco Bell because it’s filling, cheap and under 400 calories. I have a weakness in my heart for In n Out though and cannot justify the fries in any way. (At least they are fresh cut in store before being fried in fatty oil?) The burger is wrapped in lettuce though so that’s… kinda… like a salad. Right? RIGHT?

    I’m sure I’ve heard some bad pick-up lines in my day but none are coming to mind. I once had an awkward conversation with a cashier at Trader Joe’s. He looked down at the one thing I was purchasing (a bag of Kettle Corn) and said something like “So I see you’re gonna party tonight.”

    Uh… what? What about kettle corn screams wild party to you?

    I’ve had complete strangers bark at me and sing songs about my butt… That was fairly mortifying.

    • Taco Bell has some good finds! And wrapped in lettuce definitely makes it a salad! ;)

      but that seriously cracked me up!! Guess the next time I hit up a wild party I better make sure I have kettle in tow!

  4. Ha oh goodness that is quite an awkward conversation! I would have backed away slowly but surely and then left quickly!
    When I am out and about, I try to bring bars and healthy snacks with me… otherwise I try to find a salad or sandwich place so I can feel “better” about what I am eating

  5. Ooooh dear Mr. Burger King clearly needs flirting advice! Funny convo though! Haha eggs in the teacup is so much like something I would do. Oh fun pop art, the purple one looks mad! A guy once used the classic ‘do you come here often’ line on me when I was at the supermarket…I was like yes, as a human I do need food to live – whats up with some ppl? haha. Happy Wednesday!

  6. Haha I loved your Burger King story! Guys can be such creepers. My friend and I went to the aquarium last year and there was this photographer. He was supposed to wander around taking pictures of people and then you could buy them when you left. Well he basically followed me and my friend around… using his “job” as an excuse to take pics…

    I love the McDonalds Southwest salad in a pinch. Chipotle is my favorite on the run spot! I love the burrito bowls with carnitas.

  7. Jeez you really had to hunt down a salad!! That’s definitely something that would happen to me. I would’ve been the same way to the BK guy too ;) haha creeepy! My favorite thing to eat out on the run is whole foods salad bar. It can get so expensive though! So I will also opt for subway if I don’t go to whole foods. I have had MANY awkward encounters with guys who think they are cute hitting on a girl when they’re not.

  8. HAHAHA I’m sorry but that is hilarious! I mean, the whole hunt and the pick up line… wow, you sure were put through the ringer today just to get lunch! My favorite place to stop on the go is panera. I swear I hunt them down. It’s my favorite! You’re starting to make me think I really need these snickerdoodles in my life… you’ve been raving about them and it’s really convincing!!

  9. hahhahh that is hilarious!!! (: thats crazy how many places you had to go to get a salad, luckily when i forget my lunch there is a trader joes literally a one minute walk away from my school. i’m one lucky girl! they always have awesome lunch options there.

    i can NEVER get my microwaved eggs to look anything but disgusting. i love them but i can’t ever get a good picture… i think it’s impossible!!!

    my favorite thing to eat when i’m out and on the run is probably a good deli sandwich (subway usually does a decent job when i’m in a hurry) or stopping for a smoothie somewhere.

  10. Hahahaha thats a terrible pick up line for so many reasons. And that’s crazy that you had to search so many places for some salad! I’m lucky that the cafeterias at work have awesome salad bars!

  11. Hahah I love that you included that little conversation you had. :) I’d be so creeped out too. When I forget lunch, I usually go to Target or Costco and just pick up some random snacks.

  12. Haha great convo! ANd I lovee eggs with any salsa! I cannot eat them without it! Great eats and happy WIAW :)

  13. love the conversation too cute!!!

    When I am on the go and have to get somewhere I usually just grab fruit or something little. Since my stomach issues it is a little harder to just grab something so I tend to bring snacks with me ;)

  14. Haha, that story was hilarious. Creepy men…eww ;)

  15. HAHA!! LAME conversation starter! Something similar happened to me yesterday. This guy followed me up the stairs and this guy was all “So, how’s the weather? Is it any better?” while we walked by a window. I’m like “IT SUCKS” and he followed me still to the library! What is up with these guys lately??!

  16. i love microwaved eggs. although i wish i didn’t get weird looks at the office while making breakfast haha

  17. um wow. That was an awful pick up line. I think you handled it really well though. I probably would have freaked out.
    I try to travel with food at all times so I’m never in a pinch. I’d just go to the grocery store and get a bag of lettuce and some hummus or somemthing. haha.

  18. Love the overnight oats recipe! I think I am going to try it tomorrow morning:) thnx!

  19. Oh my gosh, that boy is so creepy! Pepsi and Coke?! Haha, I think he needs to learn some better ways to start up a conversation. That’s crazy about all of the places you had to go for your salad — especially when the places that would normally have it didn’t!

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