Saturday Scones and a Salad Monster

This morning has been a pretty much perfect Saturday morning! It sure is an amazingly beautiful day, despite the sticky heat that has caused me to become a major fan of air conditioning.

I am sure I have mentioned this before, but I am a huge breakfast person. Breakfast is the favorite part of my day, hands down. I often am so excited to fall asleep, because I know upon waking, I get to have some awesome food. First thing in the morning, I am super hungry, almost always.

My little brother, on the other hand, is my polar opposite. He is basically a breakfast hater. Since he was little, it has been a constant struggle to get him to eat anything that resembles a nutritious breakfast. As he has gotten older, his eating habits in the morning have definitely improved. One of his favorite breakfast foods are scones. This is pretty much is only favorite breakfast food, considering he does not even like eggs.

In hopes to create something that he would eat for breakfast, I tried to come up with a good scone recipe that was also full of protein. After trial and error, my brother and I have now perfected a scone recipe that he is literally addicted to. For the last few Sunday and/or Sunday mornings, we’ve spent it in the kitchen together, cooking. I have now even typed in the recipe into a saved memo on his phone, and he makes them without me. The kid makes a pretty great scone, I must say. One day, he had a friend spend the night, and the next morning, I whipped them up a batch of scones. The friend loved the scones, too.

A few days later, the friend asked my brother for the scone recipe and my brother texted it to him. I think that this is a pretty good testament to how these scones taste, even if I am not sure how I feel about middle school boys exchanging scone recipe via text message. ;)

I have only tried a few bits of these scones, since I have virtually eliminated gluten from my diet, and I have never been much of a scone person anyway, which is why I have not shared the recipe yet.

Protein Chocolate Chip Scones (or “scuffins”)

Serves 4-6

Inspired by : Eat Live Run


  • ½ cup of Old Fashioned Oats
  • ½ cup of flour
  • 2 scoops of protein powder [any flavor – we usually mix 1 vanilla / 1 chocolate]
  • 1 Tbsp Sugar or Sugar substitute
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 2 Tbsp butter or margarine
  • ½ cup + 2 Tbsp Milk
  • 1/3 cup [or however much you want] chocolate chips


  1. Preheat Oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Combine dry ingredients in large bowl.
  3. Add butter and milk. Stir until everything is smooth and evenly coated.
  4. Fold in Chocolate Chips.
  5. Spray baking sheet or cupcake pan with cooking spray.
  6. If using baking sheet, pat into a round shape.
  7. If using cupcake pan, pour into six cups, evenly distributed.
  8. Bake for 8-12 minutes, or until slightly brown.

If you bake these traditionally on a cookie sheet, cut like a pizza into four or six equal parts. These are your scones.


My brother and I got a little ambitious this morning. This is where the Scuffin part comes in. We decided to bake these in a cupcake pan. This is the only batch I have a picture of – they are so cute! These scuffins did take a few extra minutes to bake.


Since I don’t eat scones, I had a pretty boring breakfast in comparison that I was equally satisfied with.

Creamy Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie + an apple with cinnamon. J

Lunch was even more satisfying, though. It sort of made my entire day.

Mexican Salad Monster


Yea, it was a monster. After an hour of yoga, I decided a huge salad sounded like a great idea. The fact that I had a ton of lettuce and bell peppers to use may have also been a deciding factor.

I sautéed the majority of my salad in a bit of olive oil, then poured it atop a huge bed of lettuce.

Into the skillet went:

  • Frozen mixed veggies [about 1/3 cup ish] including
    • Corn
    • Peas
    • Lima beans
    • Green beans
    • Carrots
  • Chopped bell pepper
  • ½ cup of rinsed and drained black beans
  • Two ridiculously heaping spoonfuls of salsa
  • Cheddar cheese

This. Was. Amazing. I also loved the fact that it was literally ginormous. I think it is my new favorite meal. I have been loving black beans and salsa lately!
Even though I am super, super full from this salad, I think I may be hit with the baking bug, since I am procrastinating trying to get my college application process organized looking for a creative outlet. :)

Have a great day 1 of this three day weekend! Have you made any great new recipes lately? Tell me about them, link them up, whatever you’d like! :)

Also… I’m on Pinterest now! Follow me Sweet_and_Savvy ! :)

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  1. Ooo Mexican salads– they hold the keys to my heart <3

  2. Yum, the scuffin recipe looks amazing! :D

  3. mexican salad monsters are the best! they are hands down my favorite kind of salad to make (and eat!!) :)

  4. I prefer scuffins – they aren’t quite scones. They look great though.

  5. Love me some eatliverun! Very cool blog, looking forward to checking it out more!

  6. I love scones! These sound fabulous. I am a breakfast person too. I love that I don’t feel like it has to have a savory component. I have a major sweet tooth so that’s a plus! I love my mexican salads too. My favorite thing to add is guacamole!

  7. Oo baby look at the salad! Love Mexican flavored ones like this :)

  8. yum yum I just recently love scones! I never was a fan but lately I am :)

  9. Okay, I’ve never had a mexican salad…I think I need to change that asap. Yours looks awesome!

  10. I ALWAYS eat black beans and salsa on salad. It’s seriously the best! I used to work at a mexican place and would make my own monster salads (best part of the job) haha. Those scones look yum :)

  11. Sweet, you are an inspiration. That salad looks amazing, and I usually hate salad! And to care about your brother enough to develop an addictive healthy scone! Superb. So glad I found this blog.

  12. That salad sounds and looks amazing!! I actually have never tried lima beans before :)

  13. That salad looks incredible!!! I love Mexican-y salads!! :) :)
    <3 <3

  14. Cooking with your brother sounds like so much fun! My brother normally just wants to eat whatever I make… he isn’t patient enough for the preparation part!

  15. the scuffin recipe and the salad monster look delicious!!!

  16. Ooh I LOVE salads like that which actually look like artwork! Looks lovely Sav. Haha the scones are going to be the new ‘cool thing’ with your bro, I’m sure ;p, I am always trying to get my brother eating a little healthier by making muffins with protein and stuff so will definitely have to try out that recipe. The chocolate will be a lure I’m sure!!

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