Overflowing Smoothie

If you guys follow me on Twitter [go follow now, if not;) ], you will know that a smoothie was the first thing on my mind this morning!

Actually, it wasn’t even the first thing on my mind this morning, I was thinking about it late last night as I lay in bed completing my summer homework. [Finally!]

So of course I woke up and decided to break out the blender and make myself a huge chocolate strawberry protein smoothie! Yum yum. I followed my directions on this link exactly, except that I added a TBSP of cocoa powder.

What was the best part about this morning’s smoothie? It was so massive; it did not even fit completely inside of my bowl! I don’t know about you, but huge portions of great food put a HUGE smile on my face! So naturally, to fix this “issue” I decided to drink the smoothie straight out of the blender. I did this, of course, for the sole purpose of being ergonomically and environmentally savvy. Dirtying another, larger bowl would have only forced me to wash another dish, which would waste water, money, energy, and time. ;)


I think my recent smoothie for breakfast obsession has been in part due to the fact that I am going back to school tomorrow, and breakfasts will soon be eaten quickly or on the go. One of my favorite things about eating smoothies for breakfast is that I normally spend a longgg time savoring every bite! Drinking a smoothie or protein shake quickly while driving to school just would not have the same effect. Nor does am icy, creamy, bowl of deliciousness sound good on chilly autumn and winter mornings.

I am hoping to spend the rest of my day either outside or getting organized for my new year of school! I also will be dropping off some amazing little things I spent forever making yesterday, and someone is going to love me for it! ;) They better at least, these things gave me a heck of a time in the kitchen, and I still have a mess to clean up!

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

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My name is Savannah and I am a teenage girl and a complete optimist with passions for learning, helping people, nutrition and enjoying every minute of life to its fullest!

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  1. Haha that is my theory PRECISELY with breakfast. I literally anticipate going to sleep sooner because it just means I’m that much closer to waking up and eating. :D

  2. What cute cupcakes! I love tiny pB cups!

  3. Great cupcakes, and some serious smoothie making today! Makes me think I should get busy too, with the new term on its way.

  4. Those cupcakes are so pretty and I am sure amazing!! Smoothies are always a great thing to wake up for…or any type of breakfast food for that matter :)

  5. Those cupcakes look amazing!!! I’ll take a dozen :)

  6. Those cupcakes look so good!

  7. Cute cupcakes! Wish I had one of those right now :)

  8. There is nothing to be ashamed about that! Breakfast is just so good! :D And gosh do those cupcakes look divine! :D

  9. Aww those look so cute! Please post recipe!!

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