Traveling day

Yesterday, I got a birthday present from my parents that I am so so so excited about!!

A Cuisinart SmartPower Blender.. that is pink!!

I feel like a girl my age should not be this excited when she gets a blender as a birthday gift, but I’m okay with being weird. ;)

Naturally, I had to make a smoothie immediately! I basically threw everything in my kitchen into this thing..
I was really, really excited at how quick and efficient this thing was!

I also spend at least an hour or two in the kitchen prepping for my trip to DC. I cut up all the remaining fruits and veggies in my house so that they would not spoil, and that my family could get some veggies in our systems while being away from home.


Mid prepping and packing, I tested out the new blender yet again with Katie’s Cake Batter Ice Cream. I did not let the almond milk mixture freeze all the way because I am impatient and hungry, so it was not really an ice cream consistency, but it tasted absolutely amazing, even if I drank half of it! ;)

As I went back to packing, I was sure to throw in my power fuel that I’m currently addicted to! What else does a girl need?

Before bed, I ate some microwaved Sweet Potato Chips with some cinnamon!

imageThis morning, I tried out my first EVER OIAJ! I am super pupmed. In the mix is GF Oats, Peanut Flour, and sweetener with peanut butter residue. I devoured this oatmeal! It was so so yummy! This may be a dangerous thing, considering I will now feel obligated to finish off a jar of peanut butter at least once a week so I can make oats in a jar.

After an early breakfast, I left for DC. En route, I had a chargrilled chicken and fruit salad from chick fil a. I Just made It to DC and am heading to some museums!

Have a great day!:)

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About Sweet and Savvy

My name is Savannah and I am a teenage girl and a complete optimist with passions for learning, helping people, nutrition and enjoying every minute of life to its fullest!

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  1. Have fun on your trip! Glad you liked OIAJ! Theyre my favorite!

  2. What a FUN Blender!! Super cute :)

    have fun on your trip! Secret…I have never had OIAJ either!!! EEEKKK


  3. Cute blender! I need one – do you recommend that one?

  4. I think ice cream like that needs an ice cream maker. I’ve made ice cream like that before though, you just have to freeze it and then blend it several times to get the right consistency. I was going to make that recipe, but I decided I’ll wait until I get an ice cream maker because the ice cream maker will stir it while it freezes.

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